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As hotels begin down the road to recovery – reopening with largely reduced staff and welcoming guests with a whole new list of standard operating procedures – many are questioning what the future of hospitality will look like. 

It’s clear that these trying times will set some hotel businesses apart from others. Owners and operators that had capitalized on more than a decade of solid revenue growth will ride out the storm, while many newer owners straddled with debt will be forced to hand over the keys. To ensure your hotel leads its market in recovery and is set up for long-term success, hoteliers must aim to run leaner operations while dramatically improving the entire guest experience.



From self-serve check-in to mobile messaging solutions, hoteliers will rely on integrated technology solutions more than ever to ensure the long-term viability of their business. In this Special Report, we outline why the need for hoteliers to re-evaluate their hotel technology stack has never been more critical. We’ll provide the necessary information for operators weighing small-but-effective implementations like contactless check-in, to optimized workflow solutions to improve efficiency, all the way through fully integrated revenue generation platforms that will position hotels to lead their markets in recovery.

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